Independent Schools

Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates conducts Head of School searches for select independent schools. We bring high levels of customization, research, integrity, and confidentiality to these searches.

Advantages that Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates offers to independent schools seeking new leadership include the following:

  • Customization. Over our consultants' long tenures in higher education search, we have developed a comprehensive yet flexible process that we customize for each client's needs, ensuring its effectiveness. Because we take a proactive – not a passive – approach, we start each assignment by spending time on campus and learning as much as possible from the school’s constituents. This allows us to discern the school’s key priorities and the must-have traits needed in the next Head of School. We then suggest a search process best suited for that school’s needs and actively reach out to individuals who we believe are the best match.
  • Integrity. Integrity is central to everything we do at Storbeck/Pimentel & Associates. We represent the needs and interests of our clients in a vigorous and diligent manner while treating all candidates with dignity, fairness, and honesty. In the course of conducting a Head of School search, we will turn down the opportunity to pursue another search if it presents the possibility of significant candidate pool overlap.
  • Proactive Recruitment. In our experience, some of the most qualified and desirable candidates may not actively seek new positions. For this reason, we do not rely on advertising; instead we expend our energy actively researching and recruiting candidates who we believe will be best suited to your institutional needs.
  • Confidentiality. Closely related to our active recruitment of candidates is our belief (and expertise) in conducting "fully confidential" searches. Such searches tend to attract stronger candidate pools because they allow sitting heads and others with a strong need for confidentiality to explore an opportunity without jeopardizing their current positions. Storbeck/Pimentel's consultants have years of experience conducting fully confidential searches and know how to successfully communicate this search method to school constituencies who might be less familiar with its advantages.